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Cyanotype Care Instructions

These pieces are wearable art; they need a little extra love and care! Please read below carefully. 

Clothing Care

To extend the life of your garments, keep washing to a minimum. Hand-wash inside-out in cold water and spot clean when required. 


While simply washing with water is best,  keep the following in mind when using detergent. Do NOT use detergent containing phosphates or bleach. Air dry (preferred) or tumble dry on low. Avoid ironing directly on the dye. Avoid excessive soaking and drying in direct sunlight.  It is best to avoid borax, oxyclean, and washing/baking salts/sodas as they may change the appearance of the dyed fabric. If fading occurs, rinsing in a diluted bath of water and hydrogen peroxide may help. Cyanotype infused fabric, while not permanent, can last a long time if you care for it properly and treat it as wearable art. Natural changes will occur over time. Recommended Soap: Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, Ecomax Natural Orange Laundry Wash, or other natural soaps that do not contain above ingredients. 

*For spot-cleaning stains on fabric that may occur OUTSIDE of the dyed material, I recommend using a Fels-Naptha bar. This trick will work on many materials, but not all! So check the instructions, and do a small spot test in a low-visibility area. Get the stain damp, rub a small amount of the bar onto the area and let sit for 5 minutes. Very carefully use a damp cloth to clean and rinse the area. Do NOT let the Naptha soap or soapy water touch the dyed areas or print will disappear! Fels-Naptha does a fantastic job at stain removal, but it WILL significantly interfere with the dye if it comes into contact. So be extra extra careful!*

Print Care

Just like blueprints, cyanotype prints are permanent. However, if prints are exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods, yellowing may occur. Do not wash with phosphates. Hand/body oils may also cause discoloration on prints after extended periods. ​

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